Company Profile

Voice of CEO

Firstly, thank you for choosing TNC.
Today is different from you yesterday. Welcome to join TNC, rooted TNC, be practical, strict self-discipline and work hard.
Tomorrow is must be different from you today. I hope you work conscientiously, unity and cooperation, conscientiously work, be practical, grow and develop together with TNC. We will honor our commitment to the requirements of the Corporate Culture Handbook. Although we couldn't do it today to each employee satisfaction, but let you satisfied is the long-term goal of TNC, as well as the strategic requirements of cultural construction. In the days of TNC, maybe you would encounter grievances, even frustration and ange, pleae tell us your opinions and suggestions, cuz this will lead us to grow together.
Your name will be recorded in the milestone of TNC. Hope that the working experience in TNC can become a flash in your life!

Our Mission

Application of lighting switch technology, enjoy the art of intelligent life!

Our Goal

Become China's largest building electrical supplier, and become the world's leading supplier of building electrical.

Our Values

Honesty, Harmony, Innovation, Responsibility

Honesty: Strictly honor every contract, honor every written and verbal commitment, observe discipline and punctuality.

Harmony: Building a pleasant woking atmosphere to employees, maintaining good interaction with suppliers and customers.

Innovation: TNC always committed to the development of new products, providing a better user experience to meet customer needs to a competitive advantage.

Responsibility: To be a responsible company, to be a responsible manager, to be a responsible employee.

Our Working Style

Simple, Pragmatic, Fast

Promote simple and pragmatic regulations and process.

Promote simple and pragmatic performance appraisal method.

Promote simple and pragmatic organization and Position structure.

Promote simple and pragmatic interpersonal relationship.

Promote simple and pragmatic company culture.

And gradually establish a 24-hour feedback mechanism.

Our Management Philosophy

To be a legal system factory.

Legislation is fundamental. Knowledge is the premise. Law enforcement is to protect. Compliance is the core.

Our Management Mode


80/20 Principle: Managers are few but important as a key, employees are the majority, but they are a subordinate position from the management point of view. In other words, the critical minority constrains the minor majority. Therefore, managers have to assume 80% of the responsibility if there are any problems. The important step of working is a minority, but it plays a key role, we must be good at breaking through key work areas to complete the work.

Employee Appeal Principle: Enterprises through the establishment of an internal complaint system to make their communication mechanism more perfect, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees from being violating.

98% Principle: 98% of the brand is culture, 98% of the business is human, 98% of the resources are integrated, 98% of the contradictions are misunderstandings.

Our Employment Concept

Character is more important than the relationship

Ability is more important than qualification

Professional is more important than mediocrity

Although we can't reach "people-oriented" yet today, but we will pay more and more attention to human values.


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